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Read postSpecchio-tronco-con-luce10/10/2016

Koh-i-noor presents all brand new trunk mirrors, with grinding polished edge technique and wall installation. The ideal bathroom spot for installation is above the washbowl, but they can be hung in every other room spot. The shape of trunk mirrors has a bowl body with a streight side on top, allowing 2 ways of installation: the streight side can be installed upside down, depending on the user preference. Grinding polished edge. Koh-i-noor’s trunk mirrors are subjected to a carefully checked machining process called grinding polished edge technique. To obtain the round shape, mirrors are carved with grindstones: the whole process [...]

Read postCopert-specchio-inclinabile03/10/2016

Koh-i-noor presents reclinable mirrors, for disabled people, to be installed on the wall above the washbowl. These products are built following the elimination of architectural barriers regulations. They are, in fact, elements built to make all bathrooms usable for everyone, from old people to disabled people in wheelchair, to children. Reclinable mirror. Koh-i-noor’s reclinable mirrors are installed on walls through a central hook that calibrates the standard inclination of the reflective surface, and there is also a grip on the lower side of the mirror to adjust the inclination itself. The mirror movements are 100% safe and its structure makes [...]