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Koh-i-noor launches the innovative “Lampada Sartoria” for LED lit wall mirrors. “Lampada Sartoria” is a tribute to beuty and real comfort: with extended shape, shiny effect and anodized aluminium composition, the lamp goes attached directly to the mirror using a double sided tape. If you would like to buy a LED for your bathroom, but you are not able to decide wich one to choose, “Lampada Sartoria” is the way. It’s easily assembled and installed thanks to a special tape, and it’s hot water-vapor resistant. You have to keep in mind not only that this lamp is totally adaptable and [...]

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Koh-i-noor presents all brand new round wall mirrors, with grinding polished edge technique and wall installation. Round mirrors are simple but perfect bathroom elements, they can illuminate the room and increase its dimension thanks to the reflective surface. It’s a basic set for bathrooms, its shape and dimension make it a furnishing element. Polished and round mirrors. Koh-i-noor’s mirrors are subjected to a carefully checked machining process. To obtain the round shape, mirrors are carved with grindstones: the whole process of cutting leaves irregular edges that must be grinded to avoid accidents, and to increase the aesthetics quality of the [...]

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Koh-i-noor offers backlit bathroom mirrors and “Specchio Ambiente”, a squared wall mirror lit from 4 sides. Thanks to this particular structure whereby Koh-i-noor mirrors are designed, light spreads on two sides, on the upper and lower sections, giving a pleasant aesthetic taste. Bathroom mirrors. “Specchio Ambiente” is a particular mirror built with a high quality 5 millimiters glass. The reflective surface is polished and its effect is amplified by the special lighting system. And more than that, it is in fact an ecological mirror, thanks to the frame on wich it’s installed, wich is built with anodized aluminium completely copper and lead [...]

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Small or large head for your toothbrush? Hard or soft bristles? Buy a toothbrush that helps us to prevent tooth decay and other dental problems is important: discover our tips! The choice of a toothbrush is never trivial. It can be very useful to understand what is the best toothbrush for us. For the health of our teeth, we should avoid low quality toothbrushes, just because they are the cheapest ones available on the market. In short, if we pay a bit more for a quality toothbrush with specific features, we will save money on dental care. Thus, how do [...]