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How many times did you want to reproduce the set of your hairstylist, not reaching good results? Obviously it depends on experience and manual skills, climatic conditions, but it is also about products we use for the haircare. Beyond shampoo, conditioner and a good hair dryer, it is necessary to use the right brush for your hair type. Here it is a guide about it. First of all, brush has to be a high-quality product, to ensure the best care of your hair and skin: say no to all items which break or electrify your hair. Not all brushes are [...]

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EXTENDED WARRANTY ON GLASS OF MIRRORS Dear customer, during the last few years, we have seen a constant growth in sales and an increased attention to the offer of our mirrors with and without lighting, products that are appreciated by the market for the high quality of the raw material and all components used. Extensive laboratory tests have further confirmed this high quality standard and we are pleased to offer to all our end customers the opportunity to extend the warranty on the windows of all our mirrors from 2 to 10 years. In order to receive this unique service [...]

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Koh-i-noor catalogue for bodycare: high quality, made in Italy Koh-i-noor is not only an Italian excellence in bathroom décor and design area, but it also produces objects for bodycare. The Company boasts a long lasting history of more than 80 years and it started the activity as the only importer of toothbrushes with celluloid handle. After, it enlarged the production, including hair brushes, combs, razors, shaving brushes, mirrors and make up brushes, manicure accessories, hair accessories, sponges and many other personal care objects. The “Bodycare” catalogue by Koh-i-noor, available online on the website, offers high-quality products, strictly Made in Italy. It [...]

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Comfortable and functional solutions for your bathroom: shower stall stools and bathroom stools Bathroom stools are comfortable, useful and practical. They can be used to seat inside the shower stall, so avoiding to slip, but also in case of mobility problems. They can be also used while drying the hair, or painting nails. Wall’s shower stools Having a shower can become something difficult when getting older or getting over a problematic period or also in case of a certain disability. For all these cases it is possible to solve the problem using a shower seat. It is a sort of stool [...]