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Today the bathroom is no longer considered as a just functional room, it is properly perceived as a place of relax and wellbeing aimed at personal care. Therefore, while during the past all pieces of furniture for the bathroom were not considered that important, now a particular attention is paid to design, toilets and accessories. For example, is it better a glass shower box or a shower curtain for the stall or bathtub? The reasons why opting for a modern curtain are different, but in any case there is another question: how to choose them? Curtains, in fact, have to [...]

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How to light up the bathroom? Here there are the latest techniques and trends about light. The progressive consecration of the bathroom as the room of self care has brought a revolution in the way to conceive its furniture and décor. Large attention is aimed at the lighting aspect, in order to create an environment which should be also pleasant and relaxing. In this contest we can find many different techniques which came to life in the latest years. In the most contemporary bathrooms the trend is to give space to natural light: bigger rooms with large windows are nowadays [...]

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Bathmats: when and how to use them The bathmat is an accessory often underestimated, but actually it is a crucial décor element. Bathmats, in facts, are useful since they absorb all water falling from washbasin or shower stall, and they are used as a comfy support for our feet, above all while coming out the stall or the bathtub. Furthermore, they can be used also to enhance the room. Here it is, specifically, when and how to use them. First of all, a good bathmat is water resistant, with a strong absorbing power, non-slippery and easily washable also at high [...]

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Every worthy modern bathroom has a mirror, generally above the washbasin. It is a very useful element, to be chosen carefully, a décor element easily adaptable to all styles, classic or modern. Men and women use it every day, several times a day. To wash teeth, shave, make up, brush the hair, style it, check the look. The wellbeing room In the modern home the bathroom is becoming an important room. In the past it was just a service environment, necessary but still a crossing point. But nowadays architects are turning this room in a real, worthy room, where keeping [...]

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Bathroom wall mirrors: which elements have to be taken into consideration before the choice. Wall mirrors cannot be chosen with carelessness. These mirrors are not only useful accessories, but also important décor elements.  Bathroom wall mirrors The first thing to do while choosing a bathroom mirror is deciding where to put it. The ideal place is not only above a washbasin. Mirrors, in fact, can be positioned to the wall or on the floor. Before buying it, it is necessary to understand clearly where to put it and so measuring the available empty space. Floor mirrors usually allow to reflect the whole body [...]