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Shower curtains: can they be used as a déco element for your bathroom? Shower curtains are functional and useful. It is necessary to pull them to hide the shower stall, so providing a sensation of better organization and cleanness inside the bathroom. Furthermore, shower curtains can be easily turned into an element able to confer a certain personality to a bathroom. How to choose shower curtains First of all it is necessary to decide a color. The leading elements of a bathroom usually are: tiles, toilet and bidet and furniture. Each item has to be chosen in order to be [...]

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Soap dispensers can be both with adhesive or instead to be put on table. The choice of one of these typologies depends on many reasons, first of all the functionality of such an indispensable accessory as the dispenser. Adhesive soap dispensers Adhesive soap dispensers have to be attached directly onto the tiles, at the favorite height. They are indeed equipped with a special, time resistant glue, not detaching even when tiles are damp or wet. It is the best solution when  the available room at right or left of the washbasin is limited, or when the application area is a [...]

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Toilet brushes fulfill a very important hygienic function, since they allow to remove every residual from the wc. Modern toilet brushes do not have to be hidden behind the wc, the latest models can be easily considered as part of décor elements as the other bathroom accessories. Floor toilet brushes The most classical toilet brushes are the leaning ones, with brush and container. Today, it is possible to choose among different shapes and colors with anti-slippery cap. The best way to turn them in décor accessories is to buy a complete set with soap holders, soap dispensers and toothbrush and [...]

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The towel rails. Each accessory has a double purpose: aesthetic and functional. Towel rails, as instance, decorate rooms and allow to have an organized bathroom. Adhesive Towel rails Adhesive towel rails for the ones who love to change often details or add new ones in their bathroom. They are accessories to be applied directly to the tiles thanks a special glue. Lasting is ensured for very long periods, even if tiles get wet or damp. Thanks the application system, they can be easily removed in case it is necessary to replace them; they can be also added when needing a further towel [...]