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The finest materials, the most innovative manufacturing techniques and a continuous research in cooperation with big designers: today Koh-I-Noor describes the bathroom world as a proper habitat, the place where everyone can live his own wellbeing in a modern and polished environment.
All the Koh-I-Noor ranges are the result of a very precise study, enhancing shape, color and function; they are projected to guarantee a long lasting life and they reflect the culture and the quality of the Made in Italy. Wall or leaning accessories, mirrors, containers, trolleys, décor accessories: they are objects desired and sold in the entire world. Koh-I-Noor means internationally quality.


Design and realization of our products is located in our Tradate’s establishment, to ensure the best relation between research and production in the “Made in Italy” tradition.
Our products, designed by the internal office, featuring affirmed designers, are the translation of the history and the identity of the company, always expressing the importance and the attention to technology and design.
Plastic and metals are perfectly blended and complete each other, to engender functional items, characterized by and essential and refined design, desired and sold in the whole world thanks the best bathroom and home decor shops.
Wall or leaning accessories, mirrors, containers and trolleys, decor accessories, carpets, every object is projected to last and to spread cheerfullness and well-being through color.
Aluminium, stainless steel, used with the most innovative laser cut technology, plastic materials enhancing shapes and colors, merge and complete each other to generate lasting products, characterized by an essential and refined design, fruit of the highest espressive and functional quality.

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