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Read postCattura06/07/2016

Recently Koh-i-noor has decided to extend the standard warranty for all mirrors: from 2 to 10 years. This decision, aimed at providing an always better service to our customers, has been made also after having seen an increasing sale of these products, both with lighting or not: the market appreciates them more and more for their aesthetic output and the quality of used materials. Extending your warranty is so easy: it is enough to sign up on our website, completing a form with a few pieces of information. In any case, the relative note has been included in every mirrors’ [...]

Read postCopert-MATE06/07/2016

Already admired during Salone del Mobile 2016, during which it has been introduced, MATE mirrors are definitely a great success product. Available in many different versions, with horizontal or vertical positioning, it is now part of the large offer of KIN mirrors. And if, by chance, the catalogue standard sizes should not be suitable for the arrangement desired, Koh-i-noor can make a customized size mirror. Integrated lighting is totally a Led one: so low consumptions and long lasting are something certain. As all the other Koh-i-noor mirrors, MATE too can benefit from the warranty extension: from 2 to 10 years. [...]

Read postgoccia_archetto06/07/2016

Toeletta, Koh-i-noor’s magnifying mirrors, today enlarge the offer with Goccia and Archetto. Table mirrors have always been a leading product of our Company; still from the 70s we wanted productive quality, design and aesthetic look to be highly positioned. Today Goccia and Archetto give a new vision: they are both made with high quality lenses, having no distortion, ensuring a homogeneous reflection. Plastic materials are first choice ones and they are perfectly refined in design and production. They are ideal to do the make up, to shave and they can be used during your travels, since they fold at 180 [...]